Create People Search Page on Your SharePoint Web


SharePoint 2010 provide a people search as an out of box feature but you will not find a people search result page on your created site. You must create a new site collection based on Search Center template to find this page.

My problem was I need  people search results page on my current site to avoid redirect the user  to another site collection

The solution was so simple:

1 – Activate the ShrarePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection feature found on the site features

2 – Add People Search Core Results Web Part found in search category

3- Add a text box and button to redirect to this page with query string “k” which take the value of the your search ex(?k=Mohamed)

Get a Localized String From SharePoint Application Resources


At the begging of any SharePoint I used to configure our project to deploy a resources files to APP_GlobalResources folder of our application virtual directory used by IIS.

You can’t simply do this using visual studio. You can do a lot of workarounds to make this work for you because visual studio don’t allow you to deploy resources files directly to APP_GlobalResources, it allows you only to deploy these files to application resources which found on 14 hive\Resources.

There is no problem where to deploy it but I have to add it to APP_GlobalResources to use it like the same way I use it in ASP.NET

Today I discover there is a smiple solution, I can use it directly from the 14 hive based on a SharePoint utility method called SPUtility.GetLocalizedString(), so I implement a method as following to do this:

public static string GetResource(string key, string resourceFileName)
return SPUtility.GetLocalizedString(“$Resources:”+key,resourceFileName,(uint)System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture.LCID);

Avoid “Show Unsecured Content” Message In HTTPS Sites


Hi All,

If you are developing a website which will be published in a secure socket layer (HTTPS) you may face some issues after publishing it for example a JavaScript may fall to run successfully and your web browser gives you a strange message tells you that this page contain unsecured content and give you the choice to view all content.

The problem here you added a reference to HTTP site in your page for example you use a JavaScript file which is hosted on an HTTP website

To avoid this problem you have to minimized depend on other websites as possible as you can