Validate a DropDown List Using Custom Validator


To do this Add a custom validator to your drop down like that

<asp:DropDownList ID="_districtDropDownList" runat="server" ></asp:DropDownList>
<asp:CustomValidator ID="_districtCustomValidator" runat="server"  
ErrorMessage="error message" ControlToValidate="_districtDropDownList"  

function SelectTypeValidator(sender, args)
   if (args.Value == "-1")  
         args.IsValid = false;   
  else args.IsValid = true;

Custom validation method doesn’t fired if it used with textbox control and its value is empty


‚ÄčTo avoid using of the ValidatorEnable method to disable required field validator at some cases on textbox control I decided to use custom validator as a required field just like the following:

<asp:CustomValidator ID="_examDateCustomValidator" runat="server" Text="*"
 ClientValidationFunction="CustomValidateDDL" ControlToValidate="_textbox">

And here is the javascript validation method

function CustomValidateDDL(sender, args)
  if (args.Value == "")
      args.IsValid = false;
       args.IsValid = true;

unfortunatily I found that this method is working well if I compare the value with any other value except empty text