SharePoint Logging Mechanism


 Logging useful information, Events and Exception is a core value for all software applications. Imagine that on a real world there are one organization used to log every information within a defined business process for reporting and another one leverage ad-hoc process which allow employees to deal with situations without any defined procedures for reporting to higher management. In the first style, management can monitor and improve its weaknesses by defining their weaknesses and failure points flagged by continuous monitoring  and back to the causes of these weaknesses. On the other side the second style, management never improve its weaknesses simply because they never know what are their weaknesses, when one weakness eventually is raised they couldn’t treat it although it might cost organization lot of money and loose customer trust.

 Software Applications are similar to organizations no one can know what happen inside it unless there is a rich dashboard to monitor its performance. In a software application system administrators are the top management of the product and the dashboard is the tools that help them to  monitor and define weaknesses and failure points.

 SharePoint has a very efficient technique to provide system administrator with the required information to monitor the system and provide developers with tracing information to use in solving issues. Developers also can use the SharePoint Logging System in their own customized  solution to provide system administrators a greet vision of monitoring and tracing. In this post we will speak on a brief about structure and how to use SharePoint logging System. Continue reading