SharePoint 2013 Overlay Events to be Opened on Popup


 Yesterday we got a customer request that asked us to make all events on SharePoint calendar list to be opened on popup instead of open it on a new page

 We simply go to list setting and change dialog setting from list’s advanced settings. However this is doesn’t work for overlay events and continued to open it on a new tab Continue reading

Add New SharePoint Rich Content Editor Styles


All of us as a developers face a problem of misuse of the rich content editor that makes SharePoint site content looks very bad.

We always blame SharePoint power users (Content Editors) because we think that they must add a new content in a right way that make their content fits well with the whole site look and feel. On the other hand power users is not a web developer they don’t know about HTML and how to use it.

To eliminate this gab between developers and power users, it is good idea to provide them with a predefined custom styles to be used in editing content. To do this follow the following steps:

  1. Add a new CSS file or use any one referenced by that site
  2. Add new CSS class with the same conventions of the SharePoint Content Editor
  3. Save your file and open the SharePoint Content Editor to make sure your new style is their

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