Use Signalr with SharePoint Webparts


Update 1: Download sample source code at!Ao7Q-78sQy60gcdrmHFyndmR_HWEMQ

Last month I got a task to make Signalr working on SharePoint environment. As all developers used to do on starting new tasks, I started my task with a search on Google to know how people made this task. I have found a lot of blogs speaks about that , however I didn’t get my answer as all people use SharePoint App-part in doing such scenario but no one made it on SharePoint web-part

It is totally different scenarios to use Signalr in app-part and web-part. App part simply is a separated ASP.NET and you can easily configure it away from SharePoint environment. To use Signalr in web-part or SharePoint user control you have to make extra configurations for Signalr and OWIN that are configured by default on ASP.NET web application. This made me deep dive into Signalr and OWIN architecture and make it work on SharePoint

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